A wonderful classroom setting: Nature

The transition to online learning due to the Coronavirus has changed the current education landscape for many students and families. From video conferences to virtual presentations, the digital instruction shift is giving young people new situations to adapt to as they determine how learning works for them.

I previously shared a list of free, online resources that Minnesota students, teachers, and parents might find helpful as we adjust to our new reality for the time being.

Missing from that list, though, is another classroom setting to utilize: nature and the wonder it inspires. Veteran teacher Rebecca Friedrichs reminds us that despite the current national struggle, one of the “many blessings” is that our “overly busy society has been placed on hold for a while. Now we have time for wonder.”

Here is a lesson Friedrichs shared from “Kids Discover”: The Science Behind Bubbles. Students can create bubbles using a simple recipe and learn about science concepts such as elasticity, surface tension, chemistry, light, and even geometry, according to the lesson’s author.

So parents, take a break from the disturbing news and enjoy some wonder with your children!