Action alert! MN House of Representatives voting on the blackout bill today at 3:30 pm

The Minnesota House of Representatives will vote on the 100 percent carbon-free electricity mandate today, which means time is running out to tell your lawmaker to say NO! to this harmful legislation that will force our electricity prices to skyrocket and cause rolling blackouts.

Progressive lawmakers likely have a large enough majority in the House of Representatives to pass this bill, but some of the amendments offered by conservative policymakers could possibly be adopted. However, this probably isn’t likely.

The truly interesting aspect of the floor session will be the debate over these amendments.

Will House progressives suspend enforcement of these regulations if Minnesota experiences a rolling blackout? What if we experience three or four of them? At what point do the supposed reliability “offramps” in the bill engage?

I suspect that the liberal members of the House have no interest in clearly defining reliability or creating clear metrics that can be used to measure it. This is intentional so they can pay lip service to reliability while voting to destroy it. Ditto for affordability.

Also, the House is unlikely to lift the moratorium on building new nuclear power plants in the state, which means the people that claim climate change from emitting greenhouse gases is an existential crisis stand firm in opposing the most effective technology for reducing greenhouse gases. This is a power play, plain and simple.

Tune in a 3:30 to watch the charade.