AG Keith Ellison Virtue Signals at Taxpayer Expense

In response to Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison’s lawsuit against major U.S. energy producers, Isaac Orr released the following statement:

“The most likely outcome from this lawsuit is a gigantic waste of taxpayer money. This is simply a copycat of the lawsuit filed by New York’s attorney general that resulted in a humiliating defeat six months ago.”

“According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, 80% of all the energy Minnesotans use comes from oil, coal, or natural gas. Minnesotans choose these sources of energy to power their lives because they are the most reliable, affordable means of driving their kids to school, keeping warm in Minnesota’s winters, and keeping the lights on in their homes, hospitals, and schools. Our standard of living would fall immediately without these vital energy resources.”

Isaac Orr is a policy fellow specializing in energy and environmental policy at Center of the American Experiment.