American Experiment calls for the creation of a Strategic Wind Reserve

American Experiment today called on the Biden administration to harness and store the power of wind energy through the creation of a Strategic Wind Reserve (SWR). The SWR (pronounced SEW-er) would be modeled after the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) created in 1975 to mitigate future supply disruptions of oil, after supplies were interrupted during the 1973–1974 oil embargo.

“Now more than ever, we need an emergency stockpile of wind energy to capitalize on the success of this alternative energy source,” said Bill Walsh, Director of Communications at Center of the American Experiment. “We can’t just rely on this type of energy when the wind is blowing — we have to find a way to harness it and store it for future use.”

American Experiment called on the Walz administration to fund research into storing wind for future use. Wind storage will be critical to implement Walz’s lofty goal of moving Minnesota to 100% renewable energy by the year 2040.

Promising but unproven storage ideas include underground wind tunnels and building huge fences in agricultural areas to capture and store wind for future use. American Experiment argued the environmental benefits of a Strategic Wind Reserve far outweigh the higher food prices caused by taking thousands of acres of farmland out of production.

This content was posted on April 1, 2024.