American Experiment testifies in favor of the Consumer Choice of Fuel Act to repeal CA car mandates

On Wednesday, I testified in favor of the Consumer Choice of Fuel Act in the Minnesota Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources Policy and Finance. This bill would repeal the California car mandates imposed on Minnesota by the Walz administration last year, and prevent the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) from enacting other California regulations in the future.

The proposed legislation is needed because the MPCA has stated that it has the authority to enact California’s ban on small gasoline and diesel-powered engines, new regulations on heavy trucks, and even California’s ban on selling new gas or diesel-powered cars after 2035.

MPCA claims it has no intent on imposing additional California regulations at this time, which may be true. However, the Walz administration could change its mind at any moment. Rather than leave ourselves at the whims of MPCA, this legislation puts Minnesota consumers in charge of their own purchasing decisions now, and, more importantly, in the future.

You can watch my testimony below.