Another poll confirms school choice support across party lines

Support for education freedom continues to grow across party lines and demographics, according to a February poll by OnMessage Inc. and reported on by the American Federation for Children.

Education Savings Accounts

Notably, the poll revealed support among Democrat voters for Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) is over 75 percent.

According to the OnMessage survey, respondents were asked: “As you may know, Education Savings Accounts allow parents to use their education tax dollars to customize their child’s learning and development. Approved Education Savings Accounts expenses include technical training, K through 12 private school tuition, or even special needs therapies from an array of providers including public and private schools or tutors. Knowing this, do you generally favor or oppose Education Savings Accounts?”

77% support14% oppose
Party ID:
GOP: 83% support11% oppose
DEM: 76% support17% oppose
IND: 74% support14% oppose
Black: 84% support10% oppose
Hispanic: 85% support10% oppose
White: 77% support15% oppose

In Minnesota, the Senate Education Finance and Policy Committee recently approved an ESA bill that would help more Minnesota families access education-related services or assist in covering tuition at a non-public school. DFL leaders and Gov. Tim Walz have previously opposed the legislation, despite communities of color voicing support for the school choice program.

Escape failing schools

Survey respondents were also overwhelmingly in agreement that parents should have the right to remove their children from a failing public school and “enroll them in a school that is succeeding academically.”

Overall, 83 percent of those polled were supportive. Among party lines, support was highest among Republicans at 91 percent, followed by 84 percent of independents, and 75 percent of Democrats. By race, 87 percent of black respondents were in agreement, 85 percent of Hispanics, and 83 percent of whites.

It’s time, Minnesota

The majority of Minnesotans support school choice, according to several of American Experiment’s Thinking Minnesota Polls, and support for parental choice continues to grow. It’s time for Minnesota to adopt new strategies that help tackle education shortcomings because otherwise our students will continue paying the price.