Anti-Mining PAC Endorses Walz, Ellison, and a Slew of Other DFL Candidates

A group that opposes the proposed Twin Metals copper nickel mine in northern Minnesota has released a new ad endorsing Tim Walz for Governor.  In the ad, which you can watch below, the group asserts that copper nickel mining will pollute the Boundary Waters. I could not disagree more with his premise.

American Experiment released a 45 page study documenting Minnesota’s vast mineral wealth and the two-thirds of the report is dedicated to explaining how modern environmental regulations and technology is used to ensure mines are built, operated, and closed in an environmentally responsible manner.

The science is clear, Minnesota can have both a healthy environment and the economic boon of copper nickel mining in northern Minnesota. This sentiment was echoed by politicians of both parties at American Experiment’s rally in Hibbing last week, where a pair of DFL officeholders gave strong endorsements of copper nickel mining in our state.

Environmentally responsible mining will provide a huge boost for Minnesota’s economy, potentially generating $3.7 billion every year and supporting 8,500 jobs. The Twin Metals project represents a significant portion of that potential, if it is allowed to move forward.

It is interesting that the anti-mining PAC decided to weigh into the Governor’s race. This doesn’t necessarily mean Walz opposes the Twin Metals project, but if anti-mining groups are endorsing him, it does raise the possibility that they know something we don’t about his feeling toward copper nickel mining, especially the Twin Metals project.