Ask, and ye shall receive

The public has been begging for a complete list of political donations from figures indicted in the Feeding Our Future scandal. See below:

A few caveats are in order. The list covers donations made since April 2020, when the alleged fraud is said to have begun. The last column includes donations to Shukri Olow, a candidate for the House of Representatives in Washington state. All the rest are current officeholders in Minnesota.

There are some other donations worthy of note in this case. The individuals below are not named in any FBI search warrants and have not been charged in the case.

The first three names (all Mohamed) are individuals who had their donations returned by MN State Senator Omar Fateh, along with the other donations listed further up. It’s not clear what connection, if any, these three have to the case.

The next name is Jamal Osman, a Minneapolis city councilman. He founded a nonprofit, Stigma-Free International, that figured into the alleged fraud after his departure from the organization. He is on the above list as he is a donor to Shukri Olow, along with a number of other Minnesotans.

The last two individual are included as they run another nonprofit (Gar Gaar Family Services) that is currently suspended by the state Department of Education from participating in the free-food program. Their nonprofit, at one point, employed as a vendor a company (“The Produce LLC”) owned by indicted figure Fahad Nur.

We will continue to update these spreadsheets as the story develops.