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  • Earth Day 1970

    Posted by Catrin Thorman on Apr, 22 2019

    Everyone has varying degrees of concern for the environment. But the empowerment of agencies such as the EPA and the overreach of environmental regulations have greatly exaggerated initial 1970 Earth ...

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  • Misconceptions teachers are told about opting out

    Posted by Catrin Thorman on Apr, 19 2019

    There are many common misconceptions teachers have been hearing about what would happen if they decided against financially supporting the teachers’ union. It’s important to shed light on these mi...

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  • A Minnesotan’s response to Tax Day

    Posted by Catrin Thorman on Apr, 15 2019

    The line at the post office this afternoon reminded me it is Tax Day. The dreaded day of the year to render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s. In honor of tax day, I want to share a conversat...

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  • Myth: Only students from affluent families benefit from educational choice programs

    Posted by Catrin Thorman on Apr, 12 2019

    There are numerous myths concerning educational choice programs. But in order for parents and students to make well-informed education decisions, these myths must be debunked. ...

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  • Women let the sparks fly in welding competition

    Posted by Catrin Thorman on Apr, 11 2019

    Thirty-six participants from across the state seized the opportunity to show off their metal skills in a “Women in Welding” competition held at St. Cloud Technical & Community College (SCTCC)....

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