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  • “No Safe Spaces” Screening Was a Smash

    Posted by John Hinderaker on Jul, 10 2019

    Last night, the Center hosted a pre-screening of No Safe Spaces, a documentary that will be released in the Fall. In riveting fashion, it tells the story of the Left’s attack on free speech, whi...

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  • Response to Comments In New York Times Article

    Posted by John Hinderaker on Jun, 20 2019

    Center of the American Experiment welcomes all those who immigrate to Minnesota legally, including Somali refugees. The recent comment one of our employees made to the New York Times does not reflect ...

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  • Even Magic Can’t Make Green Energy Work

    Posted by John Hinderaker on Jun, 11 2019

    This is the Center’s most recent radio ad on the futility of “green” energy, i.e. wind and solar. In the current session, efforts to expand Minnesota’s renewable energy electri...

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  • Why Is Minnesota Making War On the Little Sisters of the Poor?

    Posted by John Hinderaker on Jun, 06 2019

    The Little Sisters of the Poor is an international organization of Catholic nuns. Founded in the 19th Century, its mission is to care for the impoverished elderly. Its nuns take vows of chastity, pove...

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  • On Taxes, Schafer Gets It Half Right

    Posted by John Hinderaker on Feb, 18 2019

    Business columnist Lee Schafer wrote in Saturday’s Star Tribune that Minnesota “needs to take a look at its income tax.” Schafer began with the fact that Minnesota’s personal i...

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Minnesota Report Card (00:31)

Minnesota’s taxes and regulations are hurting small businesses. Minnesota can do better!...

School Choice in Minnesota: Panel at Humphrey School (1:09:02)

School Choice in Minnesota: Panel at Humphrey School (1.26.16) Panel includes Ember Reichgott Junge (former Minnesota DFL State Senator, Richard Komer (Institute for Justice), Rep. Jenifer Loon, Minne...