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  • Check Out American Experiment’s New Scandal Tracker

    Posted by John Hinderaker on Nov, 19 2019

    The cover story in the current issue of Thinking Minnesota is titled “The Masquerade of Good Government.” Written by veteran investigative reporter Tom Steward, it documents the extraordin...

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  • Math–It’s Oppressive!

    Posted by John Hinderaker on Oct, 24 2019

    The Seattle public schools have developed a new “ethnic studies” curriculum that tells students that mathematics is a tool of oppression. Sure, some of us thought that back in junior high ...

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  • Test Scores Falling? Change the Test!

    Posted by John Hinderaker on Oct, 13 2019

    The Star Tribune ponders the fact that Minnesota students’ math scores keep dropping: “As test scores drop, Minnesota educators seek a ‘new conversation’ about math.” I t...

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  • The Washington Post Smears the Center’s Katherine Kersten

    Posted by John Hinderaker on Aug, 20 2019

    Last week a reporter from the Washington Post, Rebecca Tan, emailed the Center’s Katherine Kersten, asking to interview her for an article Tan was writing. Per our usual practice, our communicat...

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  • The Ellison-Bloomberg Connection

    Posted by John Hinderaker on Aug, 16 2019

    It came to light last year that a handful of rich left-wing donors led by Michael Bloomberg have collaborated with New York University Law School to recruit, place and pay for lawyers in attorney gene...

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Minnesota Report Card (00:31)

Minnesota’s taxes and regulations are hurting small businesses. Minnesota can do better!...

School Choice in Minnesota: Panel at Humphrey School (1:09:02)

School Choice in Minnesota: Panel at Humphrey School (1.26.16) Panel includes Ember Reichgott Junge (former Minnesota DFL State Senator, Richard Komer (Institute for Justice), Rep. Jenifer Loon, Minne...