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  • On Taxes, Schafer Gets It Half Right

    Posted by John Hinderaker on Feb, 18 2019

    Business columnist Lee Schafer wrote in Saturday’s Star Tribune that Minnesota “needs to take a look at its income tax.” Schafer began with the fact that Minnesota’s personal i...

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  • The Trouble With Solar

    Posted by John Hinderaker on Feb, 12 2019

    The Democrats’ Green New Socialism proposes blanketing the U.S. with solar panels and wind turbines so as to replace all reliable forms of power generation with unreliable, intermittent sources....

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  • Democratic Senators Move to Disenfranchise Minnesotans

    Posted by John Hinderaker on Jan, 18 2019

    Two Democratic Senators, Charles Wiger and John Marty, have introduced S.F.34, a bill that would enlist Minnesota in the national effort to do away with the Electoral College and decide the presidency...

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  • Trump Administration Undermines Obamacare

    Posted by John Hinderaker on Dec, 10 2018

    With the Democrats in control of the House, nothing useful will come out of Congress in the next two years. That means that progress in domestic policy will have to come via regulation and executive a...

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  • Alan Dershowitz On Free Speech

    Posted by John Hinderaker on Oct, 03 2018

    The Center’s Fall Briefing took place Monday evening at the Ordway Theater in St. Paul, with Professor Alan Dershowitz as the featured speaker. Dershowitz is a tireless advocate for free speech,...

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Minnesota Report Card (00:31)

Minnesota’s taxes and regulations are hurting small businesses. Minnesota can do better!...

School Choice in Minnesota: Panel at Humphrey School (1:09:02)

School Choice in Minnesota: Panel at Humphrey School (1.26.16) Panel includes Ember Reichgott Junge (former Minnesota DFL State Senator, Richard Komer (Institute for Justice), Rep. Jenifer Loon, Minne...