Biased Much? Why Is the Star-Tribune Using a Misleading Photo of The Proposed PolyMet Mine?

Gee, I wonder how the folks over at the StarTribune feel about the DNR’s decision to grant the needed Permit to Mine for the proposed PolyMet copper-nickel mine.

Oh wait, the picture they selected for their website shows their hand, among other things.

There is no question that passions run high on both sides of the mining debate in Minnesota, but the Strib’s decision to publish a photo of the old LTV Taconite facility, which has sat idle since 2001, and label it the PolyMet Mine is incredibly shoddy journalism that does not give readers a fair impression of what the facility will look like after PolyMet renovates the now-vacant plant to suit its needs.

If anything, PolyMet’s use of the old LTV Taconite facility is an unquestionable improvement for the environment.

The Strib is under no obligation to produce Glamour Shots on behalf of the mining project, but a cursory Google image search of the LTV Taconite facility finds pictures that are far less ominous, and more representative, of the condition of the facility.

It’s not Miss America, but it will look a lot better once PolyMet fixes this now-idle, overrun facility.

The Strib’s readers, and advertisers, deserve better content than this.