Biden deals potential blow to proposed Twin Metals mine

The Biden administration has dealt a potential blow to the Twin Metals Minnesota mine by imposing a ban on new leases in the Rainy River Watershed. The administration is also ordering a study that could lead to a 20-year ban on mining in the watershed, reports the Associated Press.

Biden’s decision does not directly affect the existing leases held by Twin Metals, but it does prevent the company from leasing the land necessary for conducting new prospective drilling in the area. However, Twin Metals would not be allowed to operate if the Biden administration’s study leads to a 20-year moratorium on mining in the area.

Since taking office, the Biden administration has taken several steps to reverse Trump administration policies designed to boost domestic production of energy and essential metals. These steps include canceling the Keystone XL pipeline permit, obstructing drilling permits on federal lands, and making it more challenging to develop America’s natural resources.

Biden’s redux of Obama-era policies has yielded predictably bad results. Gasoline prices are the highest since the Obama administration, and the Energy Information Administration estimates winter heating bills will increase by 54 percent compared to last year.

Metal prices are also skyrocketing. Copper prices on the London Metals Exchange are near record highs due to constrained supply.

The Biden administration appears dedicated to importing metals and exporting economic opportunities whenever possible. The president’s job should include bringing jobs to the U.S., not shipping them to our adversaries — or even allies — overseas.