Biden will travel to Saudi Arabia while impeding American energy production

The Wall Street Journal reports that President Joe Biden will travel to Saudi Arabia next month to discuss energy and international relations as the national average price of gasoline has exceeded $5 per gallon.

The move is a continuation of the Biden administration’s policies of begging Saudi Arabia and Russia to pump more oil while impeding American energy production at almost every possible step of the way.

A piece by the Institute for Energy Research (EIR) does an excellent job chronicling the policies proposed or enacted by the Biden administration that are designed to hamper domestic oil and natural gas production. I highly recommend you read the article.

Bloomberg writes the visit would signal a substantial change in US-Saude relations: “visiting Saudi Arabia would reflect a shift in diplomatic priorities by Biden and an effort to mend ties with a country he once pledged to make a “pariah” for its alleged human-rights abuses. 

The Biden administration has its priorities exactly backward. It is perfectly fine for the President to visit Saudi Arabia or ease sanctions on Venezuela to bring more oil to global markets, but it is hypocritical to do so while treating the oil producers in Permian Basin or Bakken like a Pariahs.