California Wants to Ban Gas-Powered Lawn Equipment, Will Governor Walz Try to Ban Gas-Powered Snow Blowers in Minnesota?

California continues it’s war on common sense. The latest front? The state is considering a state-wide ban on the use of gasoline-powered gardening equipment. In fact, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) is laying out long-term plans to phase out gasoline-powered devices like leaf blowers and lawn mowers, saying they can produce more noxious emissions than cars, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

This year, CARB is seeking to reduce the emissions allowed for gasoline-powered lawn equipment sold in California and as early as 2022, it wants allowed emissions to drop to zero. The ultimate goal is ending the sale of gas-powered entirely, albeit that will be further into the future.

If CARB isn’t ringing any bells for you, it should be, because this is the exact same bureaucracy Governor Walz wants to put in charge of regulating Minnesota’s auto fleet. Under Walz’s proposal, CARB would subject Minnesotans to California;s car mandates for low emission vehicle and zero emission vehicles. Rather than going through the legislature, Governor Walz is seeking to enact these regulations through the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

Considering how Governor Walz seems intent on turning Minnesota into a cold California by putting unelected bureaucrats in California in charge of our daily lives, it’s worth wondering when he’ll suggest we ban gas-powered snow blowers in Minnesota.