Candace Owens returns for another successful Annual Dinner

Candace Owens returned to Minneapolis almost exactly one year after her first appearance at an American Experiment event to headline our 2019 Annual Dinner. When she first spoke for a lunch forum audience of 550, Owens had just exploded onto the scene with her YouTube videos and Twitter controversies. A year later the Center’s audience had nearly doubled in attendance, and her star power had grown exponentially.

Owens is an incredible orator. She gave her entire presentation in front of the podium, without notes, seamlessly weaving together her political analysis and personal experiences. Her discussion focused on social media and how the Left has sought to control it and popular culture for their political gain.

After commanding the stage, Center President John Hinderaker joined Owens for a Q&A period. The Q&A was arguably the most enjoyable part of the evening, with Owens able to feed off the audience and enjoy a few laughs.

Perhaps the most difficult part about hosting an event with Candace Owens is moving her through the room without being stopped by a guest asking for a picture. She is eager to meet everyone and does not like to turn down the opportunity to shake a hand or take a selfie. Her warmth and generosity is infectious.

The Star Tribune covered the event and quoted many of our attendees. Other highlights from the evening include 12 year-old Amelia who sang the National Anthem (Candace even posted about Amelia on her Instagram account!) and Senator Rudy Boschwitz who led the invocation. John Hinderaker also updated the audience on the Center’s achievements in the last 12 months. Needless to say, it has been a busy year for both Candace Owens and Center of the American Experiment.