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May 23 — They came, they saw, they taxed, they spent

And rather than holding legislators accountable, the Minnesota media is dutifully parroting the DFL/Walz talking points. Here’s what actually happened.

May 15 — Legislative skullduggery

Key language excluding pedophiles from Minnesota’s laws banning discrimination based on sexual orientation was removed from the bill late Friday night.

May 8 — Mayo Clinic loses patience with Walz and the legislature

The Mayo Clinic warned Gov. Walz and key legislators that if nurse-staffing ratios move forward, they will cancel plans to expand the Mayo footprint in Minnesota.

May 1 — The selfie session

In the new tradition of this legislature, legislators and their supporters celebrated the House marijuana vote like their team just won the state basketball championship.

April 24 — 10 bad things that happened at the Capitol this week

There isn’t space in the newsletter to write about all the bad things that passed this week, so we are highlighting just ten.

April 19 — Ungracious Tim Walz delivers partisan state of the state speech

The state of the state is that we are governed by an ungracious partisan hack.

April 17 — Funding for unaccountable non-profits is the early theme of DFL state budget

The legislature started putting together the state budget this week. It seems no one learned anything from the Feeding Our Future scandal.

April 10 — Some good news: Three initiatives likely to pass that will help Minnesota

In the spirit of Easter, here are three proposals that will help Minnesotans and make the state a better place to live.

April 4 — Lots of April Fools at the Capitol these days

To celebrate April Fools’ Week, we present three strange things that happened at the Capitol last week.

March 27 — House DFL Chair Cheryl Youakim should check her White privilege

After strong testimonies against the Ethnic Studies Bill, the DFL chair admonished the speakers for “name-calling” and lack of decorum. She didn’t admonish anyone else.

March 20 — Walz rewards unions with state budget proposal

When the cost of government goes up, it’s usually because more people have been hired — and Gov. Walz wants to add over 2,300 more state employees.

March 13 — Freedom Rally – Stop the Madness!

Enough is enough. We’re rallying at the Capitol Rotunda on April 4 to demand the Legislature stop cramming through their radical agenda, slow down, and listen to the people.

March 6 — Ethnic studies grad requirement is wolf in sheep’s clothing

This Ethnic Studies bill is not about “inclusion” or “making students feel seen.” It’s about race, power, and divisiveness, and it takes one glance at the language to see that.

February 27 — DFL pay to play

Democrats in Minnesota are about to provide a huge return on investment to Minnesota’s American Indian tribes for their $1 million investment in the 2022 election.

February 20 — DFL election agenda

Democrats in the Minnesota legislature have a very aggressive agenda to change voter laws this session.

February 13 — Fiscal notes and transgender tourism

A new trend emerged this week in the Minnesota legislature as Democrats ram through their agenda at record speed.

February 6 — There’s still no such thing as a free lunch

Anyone watching this week got a glimpse of the raw philosophical divide between Democrats and Republicans.

January 31 — DFL legislative agenda not waiting for conference committees

A normal part of the legislative process has been missing: conference committees.

January 23 — Shock and awe at the Capitol

The Democratic majorities in the House and Senate are taking full advantage of their new power.

January 9 — Seven questions for Tim Walz’s 100% carbon-free energy plan

Gov. Walz and the DFL are setting their signs on a mandate for 100% carbon-free energy.

January 3 — Walz inaugural speech long on promises, short on results

Elections have consequences!

December 7 — Will Gov. Walz and the legislature Give It Back?

Minnesota has a surplus of $17,600,000,000. That’s 65% of the annual state budget. Let that sink in.