Carjack victim kidnapped, robbed while one assailant dies of apparent overdose

In an increasingly lawless Minneapolis, Desmond Graham, 31, faces kidnapping, first-degree aggravated robbery, third-degree assault, and financial transaction card fraud charges for carjacking, kidnapping, beating and stealing from a 35-year-old Minnetonka man.

At the time of the carjacking, Graham was out on $100,000 bond after being charged with twice robbing a cellphone store on Rice Street in St. Paul. On Feb. 3, he robbed the store of cellphones and on March 2, he made off with cash. Graham’s criminal history in Minnesota includes two first-degree robbery convictions from 2010 and 2012.

Graham’s victim suffered a broken nose, cuts and bruises to his face, hemorrhaging to his eyes, and other superficial injuries.

According to the criminal complaint, on March 10, the victim was driving in downtown Minneapolis to meet with a coworker when he pulled over near light rail tracks to check on a strange engine noise. Once the victim exited his car, Graham and two other male accomplices — one identified as Larry Mosby — approached him and forced him inside the backseat of his car.

The complaint and Hennepin County press release detail a shocking odyssey of terror at the hands of Graham, Mosby, and an unidentified accomplice for hours in an abandoned Speedway gas station next to George Floyd square. The victim was taken inside and held hostage as Graham and the two accomplices demanded money from him, the complaint states.

When the victim told the men he didn’t have money, they beat him with a hammer and screwdriver. Despite his attempts, the victim was unable to escape, because Graham and the other men had bound him to a piece of furniture. The victim was further assaulted during his captivity which lasted into the early morning hours the next day.

Fearing for his life, the victim provided the men with his bank account login information and debit card. Bank surveillance footage and records revealed $1,000 in cash was withdrawn at 1:24 a.m. on March 11 from the third male suspect.

The victim remained a hostage at the gas station so that additional money could be taken from his accounts. The male victim was eventually untied and forced back into his own vehicle so he could physically withdraw money at a bank for Graham and Mosby. He was told he would be freed after withdrawing cash, but was not allowed to leave.

While the victim remained in their custody against his will, he witnessed Graham and Mosby using drugs while driving. This ultimately led to Mosby passing out and being unable to be revived. Graham attempted to wake him up by beating Mosby, and when that did not resuscitate him, they drove back to the abandoned gas station.

While inside, Mosby was lit on fire by Graham to pull him from unconsciousness. When Mosby didn’t come to, Graham snuffed out the flames, and poured alcohol on his burns, the complaint says. Mosby was found dead by officers at the gas station.

Shortly thereafter, the victim was able to escape and run to a nearby grocery store as Graham chased after him. An employee at the store called 9-1-1 for the victim, and police arrived shortly after.

The shocking details of this crime spree should concern all Minnesotans. What is even more disconcerting is that Graham has a history of violent felonies dating back to 2010 and was awaiting trial for robbing two St. Paul cellphone stores in February. Apparently, $100,000 bail to secure Graham’s release was not sufficient to protect the community from this career criminal.