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Europe’s lesson for America on the talent gap: Hire older workers

Europe, which faces an even more serious workforce shortfall than the U.S. does, is discovering a new source of talent: workers over age 55. A recent Wall Street Journal article profiled Spanish entrepreneur Kim Diaz, who decided to hire only workers aged 50 and above when he opened a restaurant in Barcelona four years ago....

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Why aren’t contractors building more starter homes? Excessive fees imposed by state and local politicians

State and local governments have caused the shortage of affordable housing in the Twin Cities. Now, they are looking at policies such as subsidies and rent controls to solve the problem they created. The answer to a problem created by fees and regulations is not more fees and regulations. ...

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Tips to ‘Remedy’ Construction Labor Shortage

There is real concern over the potential impacts the labor shortage could have on the construction industry. But there are six tips companies can take to “remedy” the construction labor shortage and help “avoid the strain” it brings, according to Ground Break Carolinas. Has your company come up with other solutions to tackle the shortage that we can highlight? Let us know! Email info@AmericanExperiment.org with “Great Jobs” in the subject line....

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Should Tracking Be Back on Track?

In a recent interview, the CEO of Snap-On, Nicholas Pinchuk, talked about how robots are less of a threat to employment in manufacturing than are views held by many Americans about how blue-collar jobs are beneath them. Without ever mentioning the word “tracking,” he spoke approvingly of the idea as a possible remedy, as in: “They really guide people in other countries. We don’t do that.” (My emphasis.) Perhaps the key reason tracking doesn’t show up anywhere in the article is that it’s been one of the dirtiest words in K-12 education for decades. But should it any longer? ...

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In the Tank (EP200) – Socialism and Modern Monetary Theory

Hello! Today's episode of the In the Tank Podcast, features a discussion of socialism, and why philosophy majors have the highest opinion of it (hint, can you think of a less practical major?), and we talk about how the left likely sees modern monetary theory as a means of implementing socialism in America, convincing the public that they can in fact get something for nothing. https://soundcloud.com/user-694711047/in-the-tank-ep200-socialism-and-modern-monetary-theory?in=user-694711047/sets/in-the-tank-podcast...

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