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Certificate of Need (CON) laws in healthcare do not make sense

This is the logic behind CON laws: Hospitals incur fixed costs, and if they have too much capacity which they cannot fill they will charger higher costs for used beds in order to cover those high costs, therefore driving up costs. CON laws are there to prevent such rise in costs.Research has however shown however that CON laws do not lead to low costs. Findings show that controlling for other factors "CON laws seem to limit access to healthcare, fail to increase the quality of care, and contribute to higher costs."...

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Telemedicine to the rescue

With the current COVID-19 epidemic, health service providers are utilizing services that connect doctors and patients remotely, called telemedicine. Telemedicine allows patients to receive health care without physically meeting a doctor. Through telemedicine, patients can discuss symptoms, learn treatment options, and even get prescriptions. Doctors can go as far as monitoring readings from medical devices. Why telemedicine is not commonly practiced For some people, telemedicine is something you may be hearing about for the first time. This is because apart from the usual technological impediments and people's reluctance to use it, telemedicine faces a lot of regulatory burden. Due to the nature...

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Pandemic? In Minnesota, Not Yet

The news is all COVID-19, all the time. But how serious is the epidemic so far, here in Minnesota? A friend emailed this analysis, which suggests that the virus has a long way to go--here at least--before it should be causing a panic. I thought I would share with you the spreadsheet I started last week to summarize the daily MN Dept. of Health COVID-19 status report. The department’s website indicates that it has been collecting data since January 20, which means that we’re almost 60 days into their tracking exercise, with less than 90 reported cases in Minnesota, a state...

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