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As schools work on reopening, teachers’ unions push back

Several school districts have announced plans to bring elementary students back into the classroom, including the Minneapolis and St. Paul public schools that have been under a distance learning model since last spring. But local teachers' unions are pushing back, citing "safety concerns." An analysis by MDH, though, found "that there is no clear association between in-person learning and the county-wide proportion of COVID cases among children ages 5-19."...

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U.S. Department of Labor considers proposed rule to increase union transparency

The U.S. Department of Labor is considering a proposed rule that would modernize and increase the financial transparency of government unions. Private-sector unions are required to disclose high-quality information about their union activity and finances, and public-sector unions should be held to the same standard. ...

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Here’s what the national teachers’ union will push for under Biden

The National Education Association (NEA) has released its 54-page "Policy Playbook"—a list of policies at the federal level the teachers' union wants the Biden administration to prioritize—that includes opposing all charter school expansion, barring federal funding to charter schools, opposing virtual charter schools, and packing the federal courts. ...

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Teachers’ union forces members to fund PAC, request your refund today

Each year, Education Minnesota charges member teachers and education support professionals (ESPs) $25.00 for its political action committee or PAC. If teachers or ESPs want to get a $25 refund to protect their constitutional right to not fund the union's PAC, they must request the refund every single year. The deadline for a PAC refund is October 31. ...

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