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Private School Enrollment Booms as Teachers Union Fights Return to Classroom

Education Minnesota could learn a thing or two from private schools when it comes to going back to school this fall. While the teachers union has largely turned a deaf ear both to parents and the science on safely reopening classrooms, private schools have done their homework and found a way. As a result, grateful parents continue to respond by moving more children from public to private schools, according to the Jordan Independent. As public school districts have wrestled all summer with tough decisions on how to start the school year, private institutions have forged ahead. Shakopee Area Catholic School and St. Michael...

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Research shows Occupational licensing increases inequality and deters economic mobility

By increasing barriers to entry into certain professions, occupational licensing tends to push out mostly low-income individuals out of lucrative professions into less lucrative professional and also makes it easier for licensed workers to enjoy substantial wage premiums. This prevents low-income individuals from moving up the economic ladder which contributes to income inequality. ...

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National teachers’ union political agenda is so far left even the Democratic Party won’t endorse it

In true teachers' union fashion, the American Federation of Teachers' convention was ideologically driven and focused on non-educational policy. In fact, the union's political agenda includes policy ideas that "are so far to the left even the Democratic Party won't touch them," writes Frederick Hess with the American Enterprise Institute. ...

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Teachers’ unions push for SRO removal from schools despite educators’ support of officers

The leaders of Minnesota's teachers' union, Education Minnesota, are standing with groups who want to make schools less safe by defunding the police and taking away School Resource Officers (SROs). But recent polling shows a large majority of educators oppose the removal of officers from schools....

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Teachers’ union message to its conservative members: Your views don’t matter

It’s no secret the teachers’ union is a political organization using teachers’ dues to fund a decidedly leftist agenda. But the union’s political priorities are not reflective of all its member base, despite the union’s emphasis on being about “the little guy.” In essence, the teachers’ union has made it clear that the voices of its members who disagree with the union’s political preferences—or political involvement altogether—don’t matter....

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