Celebrate Labor Day by Telling Your Friends About Employee Freedom Janus-Style. And Join Us on Constitution Day (Sept. 17)

I cannot think of a better way to celebrate Labor Day this year than telling every public employee you know about the Janus case. After decades of forcing employees to subsidize the political speech and agenda of government unions as a condition of employment, the Supreme Court restored their First Amendment rights. The Court said that our government has to get the “affirmative consent” of public employees before union dues can be deducted from their paychecks.

The second best way to celebrate is to to register for the Center’s celebration of the Janus victory with Mark Janus and Rebecca Friedrichs, the brave public employees who demanded that the Supreme Court restore their full First Amendment rights. They will be here in person on Constitution Day (Monday, September 17) to tell us their story. How cool is that? The lunch is at the Hilton in Minneapolis; you can register here. 

I know you have important things to do that day, and for some of you getting downtown is not fun or easy but please make the effort. Mark and Rebecca have turned their lives upside down and made huge sacrifices because they refused to be second-class citizens. Their victory  is huge; it marks the restoration of our constitutional order and a more civil discourse for our nation.

And besides, American Experiment always throws a good party; our events are fun and uplifting.

So cancel whatever plans you had that day, get the day off from work if you must and join us September 17 to honor our Constitution and these brave modern-day heroes. Bring your kids, yes take them out of school. Bring your colleagues and friends who think that government unions are just there to serve their members.

We won at the U.S. Supreme Court on June 27, 2018 but our hard work has just begun.

Public employees do not know their rights, and they are being pressured by unions that do not want to lose their revenue and power. Unions have enjoyed, and still enjoy, a position of political privilege that was never envisioned by our constitutional system or representational democracy. Lawsuits have been filed and legislation is being drafted to enforce the Court’s ruling. We are up against Goliath but remember what happened to him.

The unions are angry and on going on the offensive against the Center and anyone else who dares to defy their monopolistic position. They are not accustomed to having to sell themselves to employees, to be customer friendly and frankly they are not very good at it!

So tell your friends who work for our government that they have a choice. And come celebrate with us next month! 

P.S. If you are a teacher like Rebecca Friedrichs, or an ESP (Educational Support Professional), you can resign without any argument from the union during a narrow window between September 24-30. You can resign at other times but you will get an argument! Need more info? Go to our website just for educators EducatedTeachersMN.