Center of the American Experiment Holds Pro-Mining Rally in Duluth

The original article appeared here, on KBJR6. 

DULUTH, MN – The Center of the American Experiment hosted a rally Monday night to demonstrate the public’s support for mining in the state of Minnesota.

The organization is known for doing research and producing papers on Minnesota’s economy, education, health care, and more, and discussed one of their most recent mining studies at Monday’s rally.

In the conclusion of that report, it says that Minnesota can have a healthy environment while still being able to mine, and, in doing so, would add more than 8,000 jobs and nearly $4 billion dollars in state annual economic output.

Many people in attendance Monday were supporters, and others were not, but Center of the American Experiment Policy Fellow Isaac Orr said he had one goal in mind while speaking to them.

“I just want people to have a better understanding of the technology that’s being used to prevent environmental damage on modern mines, and a greater appreciation for the potential economic benefits of mining, and an understanding of how these metals are used. If that happens, then I’m a happy camper,” Orr said.

The Center of the American Experiment will hold another rally in Hibbing Tuesday at the Hibbing Memorial Building at 6:30 p.m.