Center’s Radio Ad & Policy Report Focus on Failure of Wind Energy


Center of the American Experiment’s most recent radio ad campaign focuses on wind energy in Minnesota and its unfortunate failure and high cost. Fifteen billion dollars has been spent on wind farms and transmission lines, and Minnesota has little to show for it except higher electric bills.

The ad (which can be played above) has aired on radio stations across the state, and a listener in Greater Minnesota took the time to share her appreciation of its message on the Center’s Facebook page.



Along with this radio ad, the Center published an energy report titled “Energy Policy in Minnesota: The High Cost of Failure.” The paper, by Steve Hayward and Peter Nelson, concludes that Minnesota’s aspirational energy policy—with an emphasis on wind power—has cost electricity consumers billions of dollars without achieving significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

The Center will continue using radio, policy reports, and daily posts and articles to advocate for policies that make Minnesota a freer, more prosperous, and better-governed state.

Stay tuned for the Center’s next radio ad on Minnesota taxes set to air soon.