Check out our Texas blackout “FAQ” at

We have received a tremendous number of signatures on our petition stressing the importance of reliable energy to lawmakers in St. Paul (sign here if you haven’t already!).

Our petition has prompted some lawmakers to write back to their constituents but unfortunately, some of their responses contain inaccurate information about the causes (there are many) of the blackouts in Texas, and the lessons that Minnesota should be learning to make sure they never happen here.

To give our readers a deeper understanding of the issue, American Experiment has posted a nearly 4,000-word “frequently asked questions” article on that addresses the most common myths and misconceptions about the root causes of the blackouts in Texas.

It’s a long read, but we encourage all of our supporters who are interested in energy issues to take a look at the FAQ, sign our petition, and share it with their friends and family members.

Also! Dr. Brent Bennet and I will be hosting a webinar next Wednesday, March 31, 2021, at noon on the blackouts. You can click here to register.