Great River Energy Co-Op Boards

Write to your co-op board members!

  1. Find your county in the spreadsheet below (‘crtl+F’ is a useful tool).
  2. Find your co-op board next to your county.
  3. Pick one (or many!) of your board members to email!
  4. Copy and paste the petition (below) into your email; OR create your own message for your representatives!


Dear COOP Board Member:

I’m writing today because I support the sale of the Coal Creek Station. Selling the power plant is a win for member-owners like me because it helps ensure the reliability and affordability of my electric service. It is also a win for the environment, employees, families, and communities around Coal Creek Station and Falkirk Mine.

I was concerned when it was announced that Coal Creek Station was closing because the plant is one of the most reliable, affordable power plants in the entire country. As recent rolling blackouts in California, Texas, and fourteen other midwestern states within the last six months have shown, we need as many reliable power plants on the grid as possible.

Lastly, I support the sale of the plant because the new owners are seeking to install equipment, known as Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS), on the plant that would catch the carbon dioxide emitted from the plant and store it safely underground. This technology is like putting a catalytic converter on cars to catch pollution and run cleaner. In the years to come, the most effective way to reduce carbon will be through CCUS.

The sale of Coal Creek is good news for the reliability and affordability of our electricity supply. The sale will also provide an opportunity to make a big difference in the world by delivering reliable, affordable, and environmentally friendly electricity for decades to come while also providing good paying jobs to the community.

Please vote to approve the sale.


Your Name