Come out to Moorhead tomorrow for the Morning in Minnesota Breakfast Series!


Tomorrow morning I’ll be in Moorhead, Minnesota to talk about American Experiment’s award-winning research, Doubling Down on Failure: How a 50 Percent by 2030 Renewable Energy Standard Would Cost Minnesota $80.2 Billion.

This research found a 50 percent wind and solar mandate would cost each Minnesota household $1,200 per year, every year, through 2050 and increase electricity prices by 40 percent. Such a large increase in electricity prices would destroy 21,000 jobs, especially in energy intensive industries like mining, manufacturing, forestry, and agriculture.

If this seems extreme, the Walz administration wants to mandate that 100 percent of Minnesota’s electricity come from carbon free sources.

Come on out to the Moorhead Country Club for a free breakfast and to learn more about how the Governor’s proposed energy mandates will increase electricity prices.