COVID-19 hospitalizations are down 34% from a month ago

Earlier today, the Minnesota Department of Health reported that as of May 13th, about 464 Minnesotans were hospitalized due to COVID-19. Among them, 123 are receiving ICU care. These numbers are significantly down from last month’s peak of 699 total hospitalizations –– of which 168 were ICU hospitalizations.

COVID-19 cases as well as hospitalizations peaked slightly in mid-April, but have been going down since then. But even at their peak, hospitalizations stayed well below 700 per day. For the past week, COVID-19 hospitalizations have been below 500.

Figure: Daily total COVID-19 Hospitalizations beginning April 1

New Hospitalizations have also been trending down since Mid-April as shown by the figures below.

As of current, almost 90 percent of all adults 65+ have had at least one dose of the vaccine. We should expect COVID-19 outcomes, especially hospitalizations to improve as more Minnesotans get vaccinated.