‘COVID Hypocrisy’: Map tracks officials who violate their own coronavirus restrictions

An interactive map produced by The Heritage Foundation tracks policymakers across the country who break their own COVID-19 rules. Here is how Heritage describes the resource:

Rules for thee but not for me? The interactive map below shows the continuing hypocrisy of local, state, and federal officials who violate their own coronavirus mandates, policies, or other restrictions, with 52 reported instances to date, and counting. Some officials have violated their own rules more than once.

According to Heritage’s map, both Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey have done the very things that they’ve made illegal for their constituents. On May 29, 2020, Mayor Jacob Frey had the city give face masks to protesters (even though gatherings were prohibited) but said that church services would be a “public health disaster.” On December 13, 2020, Gov. Walz hosted a music group at his home despite his executive order against gatherings.

You can view other examples of officials breaking their own rules by clicking on the map below, which will continue to be updated as more incidents occur.

Source: The Heritage Foundation