Crime victims call for change in conversation with Liz Collin

Earlier this week, investigative reporter Liz Collin profiled several victims of carjacking and auto theft.

Victims shared their candid stories, talked about the trauma they suffered, and were unanimous that change was necessary. One carjacking victim pleaded for somebody to figure out what is going on since she lived in a Minneapolis neighborhood that experienced low crime rates before the 2020 riots. As carjackings spread across the metro, Minneapolis and St. Paul have remained the epicenter.

While researchers continue to pour over crime data in search of root causes, several theories are beginning to surface. One theory receiving national attention centers on the increasing number of carjackings carried out by juveniles. In the Twin Cities, law enforcement leaders suggest the vast majority of carjackings are committed by a very small number of juvenile offenders.

This crime problem calls for those responsible to be held accountable for their actions. Increased sentences to include prison time is likely to reduce carjacking offenses as repeat offenders are methodically taken off the streets.