COVID-19 is plateauing in Minnesota

According to Covid-19 data for Minnesota, COVID-19 seems to be plateauing. According to NPR

State health officials say 13 more Minnesotans have died from COVID-19, putting the total to 1,249 since the pandemic began. However, the daily counts of people hospitalized or needing intensive care continues to show a recent trend of plateauing.

The Health Department on Thursday reported 411 people were currently hospitalized, down 16 from Wednesday and at their lowest level since early May. There were 196 people in intensive care, roughly the same as in the past week and down to levels from about a month ago.

Current hospitalizations and intensive care cases are closely watched by state officials as they try to manage the spread of the disease so it does not overwhelm the health care system.

Growth in Positive cases is due to growth in testing

Most states that have increased testing have seen a temporary increase in positive COVID-19 cases. The same is true for Minnesota. Since the state ramped up testing efforts, the positivity rate has gone up.  This is potentially due to the fact that asymptomatic patients who would otherwise not get tested are going through the process. 

A decrease in hospitalizations

Minnesota has seen a decrease in the number of patients needing hospitalizations. The number of patients needing intensive care has dropped and stayed constant at under 200.


This is certainly a welcome trend, especially since our state is expanding reopening efforts.