Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee claims the President is responsible for gas prices

As you’ve filled your tank recently, you might have seen one of those stickers of President Biden pointing to the price, saying “I did that”.

Time was when this joke drew rebukes from fact checkers. In June, Snopes ran an article titled ‘House GOP Falsely Blames Biden for Gas Prices‘. It was subheaded:

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy and other members of his party are falsely blaming President Joe Biden for higher gasoline and lumber costs.

In fact, the Biden administration has just increased tariffs on Canadian lumber with the explicit aim of forcing Americans to pay more for their lumber. And, if that isn’t hard enough on the folks at Snopes, along comes the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) to claim that President Biden is responsible for gas prices:

Yes, you read that chart right. According to the DCCC, we should all be thanking President Biden for the price of a gallon of gas falling from $3.40 on November 15 to $3.38 on November 29. That works out at a saving of 23 cents for a 12 gallon tank and 30 cents for a 16 gallon tank.

Of course, if President Biden is responsible for gas price fluctuations, as the DCCC claims, why start at November 15? That responsibility can’t have materialized overnight. What have gas prices done over the whole period of President Biden’s alleged responsibility for them, i.e., since he was inaugurated on January 20?

Figure 1 below extends the DCCC’s chart back to January 18. At that time, gas cost $2.38 a gallon. So, since President Biden’s inauguration, gas prices have risen by a dollar a gallon. The math is simple: if you have a 12 gallon tank it now costs you $12 more to fill it up and if you have a $16 gallon tank it costs you an extra $16.

Figure 1

And remember, according to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, President Biden is responsible for this. Thanks, Joe Biden.