Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee produces laughably bad gas price graph

Gas prices are surging across the country, which is apparently causing some heartburn among the Biden administration.

This led the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to publish the graph below, which is hilariously bad. The graph makes it look like gas prices have fallen significantly since Thanksgiving, but a closer look at the Y-Axis shows prices have only fallen by two cents!

When we look at the entire year, we see that gas prices are still much higher than they were a year ago, even though they are about two cents lower than their peak a few weeks ago.

Instead of making bad graphs or asking OPEC to pump more oil, liberal policymakers should embrace America’s strength as an energy superpower. If they did this, it would help bolster our economy and bring oil production back up.

The longer the Biden administration pursues anti-energy policies, the longer American families will feel the pain at the pump.