DVS declares ‘amnesty’ for illegals who obtained fraudulent IDs

It turns out two wrongs do make a right for illegal aliens getting driver’s licenses in Minnesota. Thanks to Gov. Tim Walz and the DFL legislature, illegal aliens in Minnesota began getting driver’s licenses on October 1, 2023. According to documentation from Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS), illegals who previously obtained a Minnesota driver’s license using fraudulent documentation such as someone else’s Social Security number, can simply “Let the DVS staff know when you apply so the records can get merged,” no questions asked.

They’re going to “merge” the record of your fake driver’s license with your new legal driver’s license. Wow. At least they’ll have all of your speeding tickets in one place.

In their Frequently Asked Questions document, DVS is sending a mixed message to illegals about what to do if they already have a fraudulent driver’s license. In one question, they advise illegals not to tell DVS staff they have a fake Social Security number or fake Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) when applying for a new license.

In the next question, they advise illegals to bring in the fraudulent documentation so their records can be “merged.”

This looks like blanket amnesty for committing yet another crime. An illegal alien commits the first crime when they jump the line and come to this country illegally. Now we know they’ve committed the second crime of identity theft by using false documents to obtain a driver’s license. The DVS, however, cannot grant amnesty to illegals for committing identity theft. The list of “merged” driver’s licenses should be handed over to prosecutors so these crimes can be prosecuted. (I’m sure Hennepin County Attorney Mary Moriarty will assign her top lawyers to this effort.)

Two important questions arise from this outrageous amnesty program. First, how many illegal aliens in Minnesota have used fraudulent documents to obtain a driver’s license? Obviously it’s enough of an issue for the DVS to create this policy and add questions to their FAQ.

Second, how many of them have used these fake driver’s licenses to vote? I would assume 100% of them voted with the fake ID. Why not? What would stop them? We were told as much during testimony in the House Transportation Committee by Angelica Bello, a self-identified “Dreamer,” born in Mexico, and a prominent advocate for undocumented migrants in Minnesota.

“We are voting. Our people are voting. If you don’t pass this bill, people are going to vote you all out.”

Now we know how illegal aliens have been voting in Minnesota — with fraudulent driver’s licenses. We are constantly told by the Left there is no voter fraud. Of course, successful voter fraud, by definition, would go undetected. And now they are admitting fraud by setting up a quasi-amnesty program for illegals with fake IDs to get new ones through the Driver’s License for All legislation.

Secretary of State Steve Simon assures us no illegals will be able to use their new license to register to vote. But how will we know? If an illegal with a brand-new Minnesota driver’s license walks into the polls and registers to vote on election day, their vote will be counted. Only months after the election will Simon cross-check their name and verify citizenship.

Simon believes the threat of breaking the law and facing deportation will be enough to deter illegals from attempting to vote. Experience tells us they will not be afraid to commit a third crime and vote illegally. Who’s going to stop them?