Education Minnesota president calls Center ‘clueless’ for blackboard billboards, NEA president uses similar blackboard theme

Education Minnesota President Denise Specht used her column in the union’s August 2018 Minnesota Educator edition to criticize electronic billboards the Center put up in celebration of employee freedom and the end of forced union fees.

Specht took issue with the sign’s blackboard background because “schools haven’t used blackboards in 20 years.” She then resorts to name calling, something she probably used to admonish her kindergarten students for doing: “The billboards show this group is clueless and their leaders think we’re children.”

But pop on over to the website of Lily Eskelsen Garcia, the president of the National Education Association that Education Minnesota is affiliated with, and you will find a similar blackboard background. In fact, the name of Garcia’s website is “Lily’s Blackboard.”

Is Ms. Specht bothered that the president of the nation’s largest teachers’ union is using chalk letters and a blackboard theme? Does that make her “clueless” in Specht’s eyes, as well?