Education MN President’s Weak Attempt to Smear the Center

Education Minnesota President Denise Specht once again used her column in the union’s magazine to call out the Center. “Our union and our vision… are under attack,” Specht claimed.

In the August/September edition of the Minnesota Educator, Specht suggested mailings the Center has sent to teachers end up in the trash because members aren’t falling for “union-busters.”

The mailing, shown below, informs teachers of their options regarding union membership and how to resign from Education Minnesota if they decide this is the best choice for them and their families. It also asks teachers what area of union membership is most concerning to them. Teachers could select any number of areas from the following options:

  • “Using union dues to support political candidates I disagree with”
  • “Intimidation from union”
  • “Union officials’ pay and benefits”
  • “Other”

Specht stated some members wrote pro-union messages on the mailers and response cards and then returned them to the Center to show their “union pride.”

But, that’s only half of the story.

The Center also received numerous response cards from teachers concerned about the union’s priorities and its focus on partisan politics over students.

Ms. Specht, are you concerned about the voices of these teachers, too?