Educational freedom in Minnesota: Bringing everyone to the table

It has been over 30 years since Minnesota became the first state to spark the fastest growing engine of change for public education: the charter school revolution. The state’s breakthrough in its provision of education services triggered other states to follow suit with charter-linked innovation aimed at addressing educational challenges and improving public education.

But Minnesota cannot run on past success. Its historic charter school movement has not maintained momentum, and other states have surpassed Minnesota’s once-revolutionary approach through unprecedented strategies that are tackling education shortcomings.

As too many students continue to be left behind by an education system with clear shortcomings, Minnesota must expand its thinking on what “works” in education reform.

“If Minnesota is going to get education right for ALL families, we need to bring everyone to the table, ask the tough questions and learn from the challenges and successes that other states have experienced,” writes the Minnesota Parents Alliance.

Despite all the issues dividing society today, empowering parents to make the education decisions that are best for their children is something we can — and should — come together on.

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