Ellison signs on to letter supporting unscientific natural gas stove ban

Four months ago, the media told us that conservatives were conspiracy theorists stoking the culture wars for warning the American public that the Biden Administration was attempting to ban natural gas stoves through excessive regulation.

This week, Minnesota Attorney General (AG) Keith Ellison has signed on to a letter with ten other AGs urging the Biden administration to effectively ban gas stoves through excessive regulation, despite the fact that numerous studies show no connection between gas stoves and asthma.

It’s not a ban. We’re just regulating them out of existence

Mainstream media outlets will claim President Biden isn’t banning gas stoves, but Biden is attempting to impose so many new regulations on gas stoves that they are effectively run out of business. This is the “I’m not touching you” ban on gas stoves.

In their letter, the AGs wrote:

Under the Consumer Product Safety Act (“CPSA”), the CPSC is tasked with reducing the risk of injuries and deaths from consumer products.60 The CPSC can issue mandatory or voluntary standards or ban consumer products if no feasible standard would adequately protect the public.

The goal of the AGs is twofold: either make the case to ban gas stoves by arguing no feasible standard would adequately protect the public, or require so many pollution control technologies be put on gas stoves that they are too expensive to win in the marketplace.

Based on Pseudoscience

Multiple studies looking at the relationship between indoor air quality and gas stoves have found no relationship between gas stoves and incidences of childhood asthma.

One study in The Lancet, examined survey responses from 512,707 primary and secondary school children from 108 centers in 47 countries Data were collected between 1999 and 2004. The researchers found using an open fire fueled by wood or animal dung led to respiratory problems, but they did not observe evidence of asthma with using gas stoves.

Another study funded by the California Restaurant Association, which opposes gas stove bans, found emissions from cooking using natural gas do not represent a health risk, and there is no significant difference between cooking with natural gas and electric stoves in terms of indoor air quality.

The Restaurant Association study also details how a 2020 study from researchers at UCLA inflated the risk of using gas stoves and other appliances through incorrect and misleading comparisons of emissions to established air quality standards.

Despite evidence to the contrary, the Biden administration and progressive politicians will continue pushing gas stove bans under the guise of public safety to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the devices. However, they know that the public doesn’t support limiting gas stoves for that purpose, so they’ve attempted to manufacture a public health rationale to the ban.

If political leaders wonder why the public didn’t take them seriously during the pandemic, this is it.

Liberals have perverted science from a system of discovery to a blunt partisan weapon to brandished to silence critics and punish anyone who dissents from their preferred policies. It is a cynical abuse of mankind’s most important tool, the scientific method, and it will continue to undermine the public’s faith in scientific institutions.