European Union President calls for a mandatory target for reducing electricity use to ‘flatten the curve’

European Union (EU) President Ursula Von der Leyen stated that the EU is proposing a “mandatory target” to reduce electricity consumption. Von der Leyen said:

If you look at the costs of electricity, there are peak demands. And this is what is expensive, because, in these peak demands, the expensive gas comes into the market. So what we have to do is to flatten the curve and avoid the peak demands. We will propose a mandatory target for reducing electricity use at peak hours. And we will work very closely with the Member States to achieve this.

You can watch her comments below:

These kinds of calls for reducing electricity consumption in the EU will be incredibly painful because peaks in electricity use usually occur for good reasons, such as families using electric heaters to stay warm in winter or using appliances after they come home from work.

Europe’s bad energy decisions are coming home to roost, which is why they are resorting to energy austerity to prevent uncontrolled blackouts this winter.