Wednesday, June 13, 2018
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Hopkins Cinema 6, 1118 Main Street Hopkins, MN 55343

Admission: Free

Please join Center of the American Experiment, the Republican Jewish Coalition-Minnesota Chapter, and AM1280 The Patriot for a special viewing of the film The Fight of Our Lives. Following the film there will be a discussion led by American Experiment’s Vice President and Senior Policy Fellow, Kim Crockett, and Senior Policy Fellow, Katherine Kersten.

Wed, June 13, 2018, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM CDT

Hopkins Cinema 6, 1118 Main Street, Hopkins, MN 55343

Admission is free, but pre-registration is required. Please make a generous, tax-deductible gift at to help offset costs.

About the Film

The Fight of Our Lives – Defeating the Ideological War Against the West examines the internal and external threats facing the West. The cast of distinguished scholars and experts trace the emergence of anti-Western ideas and movements, and their subsequent penetration into Western academia, politics, and society.

“Civilizations, empires, great powers can fall apart very fast. Collapse can come suddenly, like a thief in the night. And we should be very wary of assuming that our civilization, the civilization of the early 21st century West, will oblige us by declining gradually,” declares Niall Ferguson of the Hoover Institution. And the risk of that rapid collapse is heightened by two linked threats. British author and journalist Melanie Phillips explains further: “there is the threat from within and the threat from without. And the threat from without is made much more threatening by the threat from within. The threat from within comes from people who want to undermine and destroy the basis Western Civilization, the basis of Western society.”

This powerful documentary, produced and directed by award-winning Gloria Z. Greenfield, conveys eloquent messages of determination, focus, and calls to action.

PRODUCER/DIRECTOR Gloria Z. Greenfield 
FILM EDITOR Alain Jakubowicz 

TRT: 66:13 Minutes | Color | 2018