Thursday, October 27, 2022
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Community Center
600 N German
New Ulm, MN 56073

Admission: $5

Weaponizing History – How the Left is distorting the facts to advance a modern political agenda

The next battle in Minnesota’s ideological culture war is the weaponization of history to advance the Left’s contemporary political agenda. Renaming schools and lakes, tearing down statues, reciting land acknowledgements and rewriting our social studies standards are all part of a growing movement to rewrite Minnesota history. Ground Zero in this debate is the simplistic, one-dimensional tale of “good Indians” and “evil settlers” — converting our state’s history into a sordid, shameful tale of oppression and genocide. Make no mistake — this is a campaign to rewrite history to fit activists’ vision of America as an illegitimate nation that advanced only by trampling on the rights of victim groups.

Kersten will expose how organizations like the Minnesota Historical Society and the Minnesota Department of Education are using history as a vehicle to advance a self-interested political agenda – even when that requires grossly distorting the factual record.


Event Schedule

5:00 Doors open

5:30 Presentation

6:30 Conclude


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