Exploring the different educational options available to MN families

As Minnesota students learn from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, many families are experiencing a different learning environment than what they were previously used to. While this type of emergency learning due to a health care crisis is a bit different than what homeschooling tends to otherwise look like, parents are discovering an appreciation for what this type of education can offer.

Along with homeschooling, Minnesota families have other school choice options—from open enrollment to charter schools and online/virtual schools to magnet schools and private and religious schools.

Giving families the freedom to choose the learning environment that best fits their child’s needs creates a powerful opportunity to reinforce the relationship and human connection students have with school, wherever it takes place.

Tonight, at 7:00pm, Americans for Prosperity will host an online conversation with the Grassroots Leadership Academy about education options across the country and how they are breaking down barriers to student achievement.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about the educational options available in Minnesota and how these programs represent good public policy.