Fargo school board to consider discontinuing Pledge of Allegiance

Fargo Public Schools’ Board of Education will consider discontinuing the Pledge of Allegiance at each regular board meeting, according to the upcoming meeting agenda for this Tuesday, August 9.

The board has gone back and forth this year on including the Pledge of Allegiance, but since April 12 it has been recited at each regular board meeting. It is not clear why its recitation is coming under question again.

The Fargo Board of Education will meet this upcoming Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. in the district office’s board room (700 7th St. South, Fargo, ND). Those wishing to address the board can sign up to do so in advance of the meeting on a sheet outside of the board room.

This is not the first school board to pursue removing the pledge as a shared statement during school board meetings. A school board member in Colorado said saying the pledge was not a “useful or healthy” way to begin each school board meeting.

A push to limit or completely remove the public comment period during school board meetings is also underway in various districts across the country.