Fargo School Board VP takes a knee during pledge

Seth Holden fancies himself the Colin Kaepernick of Fargo.

The Fargo School Board Member took his disregard for the Pledge of Allegiance to another level this week, kneeling while his colleagues, staff and visitors recited the Pledge at the beginning of the regular school board meeting on June 28, 2022. Holden was one of two board members who voted against adding the Pledge to the beginning of each meeting, saying in April “our work might not get better because of the divisiveness this could create because of not every person not wanting to partake in the Pledge of Allegiance.”

To use buzzwords Holden may understand, reciting the Pledge at the beginning of a school board meeting is an effort to “level-set” the discussions around what’s important and “center” concepts like liberty and justice as the board makes decisions about the education of Fargo’s youth. It’s really not that complicated.

Our country’s future depends on a strong system of education and since most of the students in Fargo are in public schools, the Fargo School Board should be working to build up America, not tear it down.

But Seth Holden is moving in the opposite direction. At the June 14, 2022 board meeting, Holden refused to face the flag and simply stood with his arms crossed as others recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

But two weeks later at the June 28, 2022 meeting, Holden can be seen kneeling down during the Pledge.

The Pledge represents ideas like unity, freedom, justice for all — things that make America unique and exceptional. Does Holden not agree that these are values to strive for? That would be un-American. Are they falling short in Fargo? He’s been elected by the voters to lead the district. He was recently elected by his peers to be the Vice-President of the Board. If Fargo schools are falling short, he’s in a position to do something about it. His kneeling during the Pledge is tantamount to protesting his own leadership.

If Seth Holden can’t get behind the Pledge or at least get through the Pledge without making a scene, what kind of decisions will he make on behalf of Fargo’s students when it comes to prioritizing academic achievement over a woke, divisive agenda? I think we know the answer.