Feeding Our Future: 309 E. Lake Street (re)visited

In which your correspondent visits two of the Feeding Our Future forfeiture properties.

We’ve previously discussed the 309 address on E. Lake Street in Minneapolis, which included Subject Premises Nos. 1 and 4 in the second FBI search warrant in the Feeding Our Future case.

The FBI raided the location on Jan. 20, and the next day the U.S. Attorney’s office filed to have the property (and the adjacent building) forfeited as part of the case. The two buildings on Lake Street were purchased in August 2021 for a total price of $4.7 million.

Nobody has been arrested or charged with fraud in the case. Two individuals associated with Feeding Our Future were arrested on passport-related charges.

The FBI estimates that the owners of this building took $14 million out of the federal free-food programs. The FBI alleges that less than $500,000 of that amount was used to buy food.

Here is the entry door to the 309 suite:

As previously noted, the building contains about a half-dozen businesses associated with figures named in the Feeding Our Future case. One of those businesses is a senior daycare center that has extracted more than a million dollars from the state Department of Human Services since its founding in 2018.

The Senior Center itself was listed as a free-food distribution site.

The main door is posted with a copy of the forfeiture lawsuit filed by the U.S. Attorney against this building and the adjacent one (property Nos. 10 and 11).

On this Thursday morning, there appeared to be no activity in the building.