Feeding Our Future: more FBI raids in juror bribery case

A number of media outlets are reporting that the FBI has raided more homes in connection with the incident where a juror in the recent case was bribed.

The incident made international news when it was revealed last week that a mysterious woman dropped off a gift bag containing $120,000 in cash at the home of juror #52 in the first Feeding Our Future trial. The woman promised more cash to come if the juror voted to acquit. Instead, the juror called 9-1-1.

In the trial itself, five of the seven defendants were found guilty. All five convicted remain in custody, pending sentencing.

According to media reports, four of those convicted have now had their homes searched.

The FBI first responded by raiding the home of Abdiaziz Farah, the lead defendant in the case, while the jury was still deliberating his fate. Farah was convicted on 23 of 24 charges. KARE-11 reports that Farah’s home in Savage was raided a second time this morning.

Fox 9 reports that, today, the FBI raided two more homes this morning: Mohamed Ismail’s in Savage (convicted on 3 of 4 counts), and Mukhtar Shariff’s in Burnsville (convicted on 4 of 6 counts). You will recall Shariff as the developer of the Afrique event center in Bloomington.

Deena Winter of MN Reformer reported this morning that she was on the scene of an FBI raid at the Shakopee home of Abdimajid Nur (convicted on 10 of 13 counts). Her report is here.