Feeding Our Future: The United States v. 8432 Noble Avenue

One of the properties that the U.S. Attorney is trying to seize in this case is located in Brooklyn Park. It is property No. 13 of the 14 locations named in a forfeiture lawsuit filed in January.

After 38 years of operating as a local pizza joint, Kelly’s 19th Hole Restaurant and Bar closed for good in August 2020, unable to survive the pandemic shutdown. Located at a busy intersection on Noble Avenue, as the name would imply, the restaurant was located near the Edinburgh golf club.

The site was purchased in October 2021 for an even $1 million by an entity called Five A’s Projects LLC. Five A’s was incorporated that month for the purpose of buying the property in Brooklyn Park.

According to the U.S. Attorney, the “A’s” in Five A’s refer to the initials of the first names of the company owners. All five are associated with the Safari Restaurant. The headquarters for Five A’s is listed at 2722 Park Ave. in Minneapolis, which itself is property No. 6 in the case. The U.S. Attorney alleges that both properties were purchased with ill-gotten gains of the Feeding Our Future scandal.

The property in Brooklyn Park remains abandoned.

The message on the board originally read “Pizza so good it will change your life.” The message has gotten garbled with the passage of time.

With ownership of the site now tied up in federal litigation, this corner lot will remain abandoned.