Feeding Our Future trial to begin Monday with 7, not 8, defendants

Mahad Ibrahim will be tried separately, due to the unavoidable unavailability of his attorney.

The Federal judge in the Feeding Our Future case issued an order yesterday, excusing the defendant in the trial beginning Monday morning in Federal Court in Minneapolis.

He will face trial at a later date. In the trial starting Monday, he was listed as Defendant No. 3, and is No. 17 (of 70) in the case, overall. Ibrahim, of Ohio, was the founder of the nonprofit organization ThinkTechAct.

The trial is set to begin with the remaining seven (7) defendants. However, on Thursday, Defendant No. 18 in the case also filed to be severed from the Monday trial. The U.S. Attorney opposes this severance, and the judge has yet to rule. [Update: the motion was later denied and the trial will proceed with the remaining seven defendants.]

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