Feeding Our Future: Who is Guhaad Hashi Said?

A born-again Republican?

His name is included in the third indictment issued in this case, as part of the S&S Catering network of Minneapolis. This network has already produced the very first guilty plea in the scandal.

Hashi is the 27th person (of 49), indicted in the case, so far.

The first batch of indictments in the Feeding Our Future case were handed down on September 20. By the next day, Hashi, a long-time Democratic activist, had been reborn as a rabid Republican, apparently.

There is a Facebook page believed to be operated by Hashi himself, despite discrepancies between the account’s handle and his government name. On September 21, this account declared Hashi to be a Republican and posted in support of an upcoming Minnesota Somali-Republican dinner, which he apparently attended.

He is pictured with Republican candidate for Minnesota governor Scott Jensen in a Facebook post which is dated September 24.

The previous month, Hashi was promoting fundraisers for DFL candidates and posting his completed August 9 ballot from the state’s primary election,

A short time later, he posted this reminder of happier days,

We wrote about Guhaad, pre-indictment, in this post back in early March. We noted his role in the scandal, as outlined in the FBI search warrant issued in January. We noted his long-time connections to now-Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

Soon after that piece ran, New York Times reporter David Fahrenthold visited Minnesota and paid a stop at Hashi’s apartment, allegedly registered as a large free-food distribution site under Feeding Our Future. Fahrenthold’s reporting seemed to lend support to the accusations made by the FBI in the search warrant.

Over the years, Scott Johnson of PowerLine, AlphaNews, and David Steinberg of PJ Media have all written extensively about Guhaad and his relationship to Ilhan Omar’s political career.

In early 2018, Hashi appears to have made a brief run for elected office himself,

Despite his Damascene conversion to the Republican cause, Said remains under indictment, under a presumption of innocence, of course.

In the indictment, his role is outlined beginning on page 6, paragraph 20. Hashi claimed to have served 900,000 meals through his apartment in a three-month period in 2021, at a rate of 10,000 meals per day (p. 12, para. q). Hashi and his subgroup are believed to have taken $3 million out of the free-food programs. Most of that money was transferred to S&S Catering (para. 48).

For his efforts, Said appears to have been paid $165,000 (p. 27, para. r). However, the Feds also report seizing $533,000 from a bank account held by Hashi’s nonprofit, Advance Youth Athletic Development (p. 33, para. u).

On September 20, Rep. Omar tweeted out the following statement,

This fraud scheme purportedly orchestrated by Feeding Our Future is reprehensible. Using the guise of feeding children to funnel millions of dollars toward extravagant expenses is abhorrent & anyone who participated in this scheme must be held accountable.

We have previously written about her connections to this story.