Final Line 3 permit approved; Construction to begin soon

Today, (November 30th), the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency approved the final permit needed for the Line 3 replacement pipeline project. The permit approval brings to an end the hard-fought and lengthy battle over the pipeline project that, from 70 public hearings and 13,500 pages of expert environmental analysis, was determined as the best thing for the environment.

Source: MN.GOV

For years, the Walz Administration has fought tooth and nail to delay the Line 3 replacement project, ignoring “the science” and “the data” showing that replacing the pipeline is in fact better for the environment. The current pipeline is operating at just 50% of its capacity and corrosion damage poses a great environmental risk.

There are many benefits to replacing the Line 3 pipeline. Environmental expert Isaac Orr has followed the Line 3 project conflict very closely for Minnesotans over the years and provides ample research into the immense profits that can be garnered from Line 3 including:

Short Term Benefits of Line 3 Project

  • $2 billion in economic activity
  • 8,600 new jobs
  • $167 million in payroll
  • $162 million in construction-related spending

Long Term Benefits of Line 3 Project

  • Stable funding for public services through property tax revenue
  • Expanded tax revenues by $35 million in the first year

Isaac Orr reacts to the Line 3 permit approval saying:

The final approval of the Line 3 pipeline by the Public Utilities Commission is the right decision for Minnesota’s environment, economy, and America’s national security and energy independence.
Replacing the aging pipeline with a newer safer one will reduce the risk of oil spills in Minnesota ecosystems and the jobs created by building the pipeline will boost Minnesota’s economy. The pipeline will also be a boon to national security and energy independence, because the completed pipeline will bring more oil to the United States than we import from the entire nation of Saudi Arabia.
Replacing this pipeline is of the utmost importance. Hopefully the Walz administration will not try to delay the project longer than it already has.

Construction of Line 3 has been complete in Canada, North Dakota, and Wisconsin, and now Minnesota can finally catch up. Enbridge hopes to begin construction on Line 3 by the end of the calendar year.

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