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This past summer, American Experiment held a very important webinar featuring Heather Mac Donald, an expert on policing in America, where she used Federal Data to debunk the idea that there is systemic racism within policing. While we were streaming live, YouTube suddenly took down our Feed. Why? Because we were telling the truth. After we appealed, the video was put back up, but not without a flashy ‘Content Warning’ popping up before the video plays. Little did we know, that this instance with YouTube would be just the beginning of a wave of Big Tech censorship silencing conservative or ‘different’ viewpoints.

Now here we are. December 1st. Political Ads on Facebook have been banned since November 4th; Youtube and Google are now following the leader; tweets from Government officials are labeled with a disclaimer “This claim about election fraud is disputed;” and, accounts of long-standing publications are being held hostage until the mainstream narrative-breaking information is removed. Apparently, when you sign up for an account on one of these platforms, you are also signing away your First Amendment rights.

In light of all of this, a possible worthy competitor has emerged: Parler. At the end of June, Parler had 1.5 million users, but after the Election sparked more interest, the site now has over 4 million active users and over 10 million total users.

While the situation with Big Tech is frustrating, yes, American Experiment wants to reach ALL Minnesotans and will remain on Facebook and Twitter, but Parler is an exciting new adventure. Check us out and give us a follow!